1. How do I make the clothes stay on the character / 3d model / in Poser?
  2. How to I fix / stop the base 3d model from showing through the clothing


1. How do I make the clothes stay on the character / 3d model / in Poser? (Tutorial Reference: Poser 8 User Interface Workshop)


The following steps assume that you already have your  3d model base loaded and ready to have clothing put on it.

Step 1: Load the first clothing model from the Poser Library


Step 2: Make sure that the clothing is the active 3D model.  You can do this by clicking on the 3d clothing model and selecting body from the drop down list under the render tab.


Step 3: Open the Figure Menu at the very top of Poser and click on Conform To.


Step 4: Select the 3D base figure that you want to conform the figure to and Click O.K.

You will need to do this each time you load clothing into Poser. You clothing will not pose along with your 3d model unless you have it attached to the model by using Poser's conform feature.

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2. How to I fix / stop the base 3d model from showing through the clothing (Tutorial Reference: Poser Morphing for Beginners and Intermediates Workshop)


     We refer to the problem of the 3d base model showing through the clothing as poke through.  This happens because the 3d base model extends beyond the limitations of the clothing and is a common problem with custom characters. This will vary from clothing item as 3d clothing venders and creators will often set different limitations to how their clothing will fit a 3D base model.  There are multiple ways to fix poke through but there are very few easy ways to stop it without knowing advance poser techniques or sacrificing creativity.


Step 1: First use the morph dials for the clothing to get the clothing to fit as closely as possible.  In most cases the build in morph dials for that clothing will be all that you need to fix a poke through issue. May also need to scale the clothing slightly.


Step 2: If step 1 doesn't completely solve the problem then you'll need to use more advance techniques such as using magnets or morph tools.


     These advance techniques of morphing are covered in the Poser Morphing for Beginners and Intermediates Workshop which covers 3 hours of how to apply and when to apply different advance morphing techniques. The techniques discussed in the workshop work so well that the use of magnets are almost never required. If you are are familiar with the morphing tools then you'll need to use morph brush to adjust the clothing.  Step 2 should only be used when Step 1 has worked as much as it's going to.  Fixing poke-through, especially with custom characters, can be very extensive and require more than one approach to fix the problem. Sometimes it's not just the clothing that needs to be morphed but the character as well. Knowing how and when makes all the difference.

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