What is Poser Download Poser 10 and Poser pro 2012 today for affordable 3D rendering, figures, 3D content, features, and other charcters What is Poser?

     Thanks to the advances in computer technology and software, thousands of people are able to produce professional quality art, graphics, and animations through the use of 3D rendering software and other digital software like the Adobe Photoshop.  Unlike Adobe Photoshop, Poser is an affordable 3D rendering and animation software that uses 3D models to create digital art, illustrations, and 3D animations.  The real benefit of Poser is that you don’t need to be a professional artist to create fantastic works of art.  Basicially all you’ll need is a little imagination and a few Poser basics to create art.

      There are two versions of Poser (standard and pro).  Poser 10 has many of the same features that Poser Pro 2014 has and is less expensive than Poser Pro 2014.   Many would assume that the Pro version is more for professionals, but ironically the Pro version of Poser is better suited for beginner and intermediate users and it makes many of the processes and workflow tasks within the software easier to perform.   

     Poser renders 2D images and 3D animations by using 3D models of people, vehicles, buildings, landscapes, animals, and props of various themes from realism to fantasy.  Poser’s flexibility of use and ability to use a large variety of 3D model file types helps to make it one of the most popular and widely used software today.  3D model sites like Daz3D, Renderosity, Content Paradise, RuntimeDNA, ShareCG, and other sites supply a large quantity of 3D models for use with Poser.

Who uses Poser?

     It’s likely that you have seen the use of Poser figures and may not have realized the handy work until now.  Here’s just a few places where the works of Poser has been spotted:

•    Beirne Lowry - Creator of the Colbert Report Eagle
•    Character Design for Comics
•    Newspaper publications
•    Web MD Symptomchecker
•    Jeopardy
•    TV show Bones
•    Comic Books
•    Novel Book Covers
•    Professional Artists
•    Graphic Designers
•    Animators
•    People with little artistic skills
•    People with big imaginations

What can you do with Poser?  What is Poser Download Poser pro 2012 today for the best 3D rendering features, figures, 3D content, features, and other charcters

     What you can do with Poser all depends on what version you are using, so we’ll focus on the latest version of Poser Pro 2014 that contains all of the latest features.  Here’s a list of how the latest version of Poser Pro 2014 compares with the older versions
Here’s the non-technical answer of what you can do with Poser:

•    Create Fantasy art
•    Create Realism
•    Create Anime and Manga Style Art
•    Create Comic Book Super Heroes
•    Create Backgrounds
•    Use to assist with creating traditional art such as sketching, painting, and sculpting
•    Create unique images for use as clipart
•    Create custom characters
•    Create animations
•    Create science fiction

Custom 3D Character creation: You can use popular 3D models such as Victoria 4, Michael 4, and Aiko 4 to create unique digital actors and characters by morphing facial and body features.  A large library of 3D skin textures will allow you to create a character of any age and ethnicity.  These characters can be rendered with Poser or be exported into other 3D rendering and 3D modeling software.

Build Scenes and Backgrounds: Use 3D scenery to create themed backgrounds for your characters. Choose from a large selection of themed backgrounds from sites like Daz3d, Renderosity, RuntimeDNA and Smith Micro to turn your rendered creations into amazing wallpapers for your desktop computer or print it out as a poster.  Poser is great for creating scrapbook themes and original clipart for flyers, inventations, and other desktop publishing.

Simple Animation: Creating 3D animation becomes simple with Poser's automatic animation tools like WalkDesigner. Set up key frame poses and Poser fills in the necessary movements for your 3d animation. Use the helpful reference manuals that comes with Poser to help bring movement to your 3d models. Animate everything in the scene from characters, props, and environment. Poser also works with Smith Micro's popular 2D animation program.

Rendering Styles: Poser's powerful render engine will provide you with rendering flexibility to create photorealistic, sketch, cartoon, silhouette, and Flash style art creations for your project.

3D art for any graphics project:  Use Poser to create amazing graphics for web design, fine art and illustration, storyboarding, medical illustrations, comic books, story book illustrations, Ads, Animations,  clipart, poser tubes, scrapbooking, and more.

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Other Poser Features

     Poser has quite a few powerful features such as the simple and advanced Material Room Tabs that add different levels of photo realistic and toon appearances.  The library feature makes it easy to find your 3D models and other 3D content with the use of both thumbnails and the software's search engine.  Type in the search box what you are looking for and if you have it installed on Poser then it will find it. The search box makes it easier to view multiple styles of shoes and shoe textures without hoping from folder to folder.  The visual library makes it easy to manage content without complication and allows you how to display the library in a way that works best for you.

     Digital art and graphic design software has come a long way and every industry realizes the importance of having quality graphic design for their websites, advertisements, books and promotions. We constantly see how computer graphics have change how we enjoy moves with 3D characters taking leading roles.  The video game industry makes excellent use of 3D graphics and animation to the point where they often beat the movie industry in profits.  The best thing about all of this is that digital art keeps getting better and people of all ages and artistic abilities are having fun creating art that they never thought they could.  If you want to get into the world of graphic design, computer animation, or 3D model building then Poser is a great way to start without spending thousands of dollars.