If you have completed the How To Start With Poser Section then you are ready to do a few easy to create renders.  In this section we'll show you the Poser draft render settings that we use at Poser By Design.  We'll also show you how to load some simple props and preset lighting for you to explore.  While this will show you how to start rendering your 3D models, only our workshops and DVDs can actually teach you how to create art using Poser.  This is because being able to show you how either through a live workshop or a video is going to be more useful in explaining what all goes into creating art with Poser.  But, that's the artistic side of poser and at this point we are going to focus on the technical knowledge that you'll need to know in order to render art in Poser.


     When it comes to rendering you have two basic things that you'll need to focus on: rendering quality and render dimensions.  While there are other rendering features to be concerned with these are the only two we are concerned with as a beginner.  Rendering quality is determined by the render settings that can be set from Draft to Finished.  Render dimensions determines the size of the image.  This is important because an image that is too small becomes difficult to use in a graphic editor like Photoshop and small images are bad for quality print purposes.  If you wish to print your art for scrapbook purposes, postcards, greeting cards , t-shirts, posters, and similar print projects then having the correct image dimension becomes extremely important.



Setting up a quality Draft Render


When you are working on your projects you are going to need a quality draft render setting that will show you just what changes you need to make.  Here's how. Click on the images to enlarge.


Step 1: Go to the Render Menu located in Poser's top menu bar

Poser Render Settings


Step 2: Click on Render Settings.  This will open the render setting box where you will adjust your render settings.  The image below are the render settings that are used at the start of every Poser By Design art project.  These render settings gives us the necessary image details needed to determine if lights need to be adjusted or character morphs need to be changed.  Click save setting to save your new rendering settings.

Draft Render Settings


     Your render settings window may look slightly depending on the version of Poser that you are using but regardless of the version. But regardless of what version of Poser you are using, these are the settings that will give you a quality draft render that will give you enough detail without slowing down the rendering process.  The closer you move the slider in the render settings to Final the longer it will take for you to render your art.



Rendering your first image:


This is probably the easiest part of Poser to do.

Step 1: Load a figure or prop from your library into your scene.

Step 2: Go to the Render Menu at the top of Poser and click Render.


That's all there is to rendering in Poser.  If you are using the recommended draft render settings that we just covered then you'll notice that there are shadows on the ground and maybe on the figure.  Rendering is easy and you can load different light settings to get different looks for your render.  This is easy too.



Changing your Light Settings.


Step 1: Locate the lights in your Poser Library.  Click or double click on the lighting that you want to use.

Step 2: Click on Render (as shown in the Rendering your first image section).


     This is a basic technical approach to rendering in Poser.  If you wish to learn the artistic approach then please sign up for one of the workshops or purchase one of our DVDs.  Learning to use Poser is like using a pencil. Many people know how to write with a pencil but only those who have taken some sort of art class, or have rare artistic talents can actually use that same pencil to create art.  This is the same with Poser; while many people can do some technical tasks such as rendering, knowing how to artistically use Poser requires a learning environment where you can learn exactly how to use it to create art.  Poser By Design also offers free online workshops and discount coupons to our members for our other workshops.  Our workshops are the best out there.