Poser camera used to render from inside the small area of a 3d model car

How to use Poser cameras to render a scene inside a small space

Rendering that nice scene from inside a car can be a challenge, but with a few well placed cameras it's possible to render any scene from almost any tight space no matter how small.

     Cameras can be placed inside of certain models like cars, boxes, bedrooms, planes, and other tight spaces in order to create dramatic scenes.  There are 3 ways to render inside a 3D model without having problems; by cutting away the part of the model so that you can see inside it, by placing a posing camera inside of the model, or by creating a new camera (dolly or revolving camera).  The dolly camera turns on an axis and the revolving camera revolves around the scene.  Either one of these cameras will provide you with the ability to change the lens settings.

Cutting Away a 3D Model

You can remove the outside of a models so that you can render the inside of it.  This works well for bedrooms where you can cut out part of a wall or for cars that have doors and parts that can be removed but not for 3D models that can that are one piece.  Removing parts of a model will make it possible to use render using the Main Camera, but the end result will be less than acceptable since the Main Camera renders flat with very little depth.


Using the Posing, Dolly, or Revolving Camera

The easiest way to render scenes of tight places is to use either the Posing Camera Display view or to create a new Dolly or Revolving camera.  These cameras can be placed inside the 3D model and will render the inside of it provided that the model is hollow.  To set up the cameras, place the camera inside the tight space and increase or decrease the focal and perspective dials to your liking.

Below are two cars which will be used to show an example of how to these cameras can be used to render from inside of the car.  As you can tell the space in which the camera must fit is small and the goal will be to place the camera inside of the cars and to render the inside of the car as a scene.

Poser Pro 2014 render example of poser camera perspective camera settings


3d rendered scene with poser camera and character outside car     The image on the left uses the posing camera that is placed on the passenger seat of the yellow car.  Make sure that the camera lens is not inside of the seat or else it’ll render the inside of the seat which will result in black screen.  The focal and perspective parameters dials of this camera will give your render more or less space within the scene.  There is no default setting for this because the space in which the camera fits in determine how the parameters are set.  One of things to look out for when looking to buy a 3D model car is to check the detail of the inside of the car.  A car may look great on the outside with low quality or no textures. It's not a total loss when the interior of a car looks terrible but it's always good to know before hand how much work needs to be done.

Models in scene: SR7 (SR8 is the newer version of this car), Fast and Furious Tuner

Poser camera effect and perspective creating longer arms

     Increase the focal and perspective parameter settings to create the illusion of more space.  In this particular sample images over increasing the settings elongates the scene which is fine until there is a character in the driving seat.  Over increasing the settings in this scene would cause the characters arms to look abnormally long (as shown on the left). 

     In the case of this picture, changes to the perspective parameters can be made to improve the arm’s length.  The closer the character or object is to the camera the more warp the image will appear to be.  Keep this in mind when working with the focal and perspective parameter dials settings.  The best thing about these cameras is that they aren't limited to tight car spaces.  These cameras are also good for use with rooms.

Poser camera effect technique used in room to make room look bigger

     You can see in the image to the left and how the camera’s focal and perspective parameter settings were used to make the walls to appear taller and the scene to appear darker.  The only light source in this scene is from outside for the 3D room creating the shadows of the window pane.  Removing the top of the room wouldn’t create the same effect and it would cause additional problems that you didn’t have before such has how to make the room dark with the ceiling cut away.

     It's possible to make rooms look bigger than they really are by placing cameras in the right place to create the effect that you want. 

Models in scene: West Park

Poser camera effect technique used to make hallways look longer.

     The hallway on the left is shorter than it appears in the picture. The look of it from the result of making changes in the focal and perspective parameter dials.  When working on a scene always try to think out of the box and combine multiple techniques and methods.  While the image on the left was rendered without any post work, it doesn't mean that photoshop can't be used to make additions of the scene.

     Never limit the creativy and scope of your imagination.




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