Trying to decide if your computer has enough power to run Poser or if you need to buy another computer can be very difficult. This guide will share with you methods on getting the best computer for use with powerful software like Poser.  This guide will take two approaches one for those who can afford new computers (or is looking to get to replace an out of date computer) and for those who want to upgrade the computers that they already have in order to get the most out of Poser.



Understanding Poser's Affect On Your Computer


     Poser is a 3D rendering software that likes to make use of as much RAM as possible.  What is RAM?  In short RAM is the memory that your computer uses to run program.  In general the more RAM you have the faster your computer will be able to run the software.  However, your computer's RAM ability is dependent on the the type of processor and operating system it's using.  Even if you have more than enough RAM available, the processor will determine just how much of that RAM can actually be used.  This is important to you because as computers improve so does the software, so eventually the majority of the software that is out there will be big RAM users like Poser.  Things don't just stop with having a good Processor because Poser also makes good use of Graphic Cards.  It used to be that only gamers needed good graphics cards, but once again today's software (including Poser) makes use of quality graphics cards.  So when it comes to Poser, you want to make sure that your computer has an above minimum amount of RAM, a Good Processor, and a good graphics card.  After all Poser is a 3D graphic rendering software so it just wouldn't make sense to buy a computer that isn't able to handle graphic without freezing or crashing your system.



Guide For Buying A New Computer


What type of computer should I get for use with Poser?


     There are many reasons for buying a new computer and it's those reasons that some people make bad decisions when buying a computer. The computer companies like to advertise specialty computers and that's great for people who only do one type of task on the computer and nothing else.  For example, if you like to ONLY listen to music on the computer and nothing else then buying a specialty computer is probably all that you need, but if you plan to do something else with the computer then definitely don't buy a specialty computer, especially if this a computer for home use. Now that you know what type of computer not to get, let's talk about what type of computer you should be buying.

When you are thinking about buying a computer, you want to make sure you aren't only buying for present tasks but also for future tasks. Think 5 years into the future about what you may eventually do with a computer and then ask yourself if that computer would be able to handle the same tasks that you have today.  If you make the correct purchase then the computer that you buy should easily handle tasks and software 5 years from now and eventually start feeling the strain around 8 -10 years, which by then you would need to buy a new computer again because of the advances in technology. Thinking 5 years into the future doesn't mean that you need the very best computer, it just means that you consider the tasks that you do today and what you might do in the future and make a purchase decision based on those things.  The best computers that fit this category of being affordable and being able to perform different types of tasks in the present and the future are the Everyday Computers.


     When it comes to Graphic Editing / Creation software like Poser, Vue, Daz3d Studio, Photoshop, Corel Painter, and others, then you are going to need a processor and graphics card that isn't going to be obsolete in 5 years.  The same advice applies to media creation software like Roxio that is able to edit video and audio. These type of graphic related programs put great demands on processor chips, RAM, and graphic cards, so buying the lowest price computer isn't going to be beneficial to completing tasks associated with these programs.  The everyday computers are designed to handle different types of tasks where specialty computers are built to handle one main task such as media center tasks. The everyday computers will handle graphic intense software, audio and video editing, and Poser.  They will often cost slightly more than media center or specialty computers because they are built to do everything that a media center computer does.  Yes, it's true, Everyday Computers will do everything that a media center computer can do and more.



Where should I buy my computer?


     The most important part of buying a computer isn't so much the computer as it is the warranty.  A good computer is a good computer regardless of which company makes it, but it's the warranty and tech support that are going to be of added value unless you are your own Tech Support that has no problems with building and fixing computers.  If you are like most people, then you are going to want a good warranty and tech support for when things mess up.  The warranty is good for parts replacement if something goes wrong, breaks, or if the computer has a defect.  A good warranty lasts a long time and states that it will either replace the parts or the computer if something breaks.  Buying an extended warranty is a good investment and you should think of it as if you are making a one time payment of repair fees that will happen during then life of the warranty.  So compare the extra $100+  for an extended warranty with the cost of having to pay every time you send the computer in to be repaired.  When you buy a computer you want to purchase from reliable companies that can provide good or decent customer support.  Places like Walmart are the best place to buy computers because they lack the tech support that is often found in places like Best Buy, Micro Center, and other stores that have service centers.  If you actually look at all of the products being sold in Walmart stores, you'll quickly begin to realize that the majority of the products that they sell will be used up within a few weeks or a few months, which is also why the lines there are so ridiculously long because people are going back to replace a product that has been used up.  So while Walmart does a great job with those type of products, don't expect them to be great when it comes to servicing a computer or even for that matter giving you the information you'll need to buy the computer that is right for you.  When you go to buy your computer choose places that pretty much only deal with computers and other electronics. Companies like that eat, sleep, and breathe computers.  They also compete with other stores in the warranty department so each of these stores is always trying to improve their warranty for computers even after the Manufacturers Warranty has expired.


If you are in the U.S. then these stores are often a great place to look for computers.

  1. Micro Center
  2. Best Buy
  3. Tiger Direct
  4. Comp USA (online only)


     Stores like these will often have special sales, overstocked items, and refurbished computers at affordable prices.  Unlike many of the online stores, the traditional physical stores in your area will often need to get rid of old and overstocked items in order to make room for the newest computer model coming out.  Because of this they will often have good internet deals, member specials, holiday sales, weekend sales, and discounts, simply because inventory that isn't moving or being sold costs them money and takes up the space that would other wise be used for the newest computer models. These computer stores also seek to cut losses by selling refurbished products (products that were sent back to the manufacturer for repair and resold with new parts).  Selling refurbished products means that the company already knows that they aren't going to sell the computer at normal market price and that they are willing to cut their losses instead of losing all money from not selling the product. Refurbished products can also include top of the line computers that they enhance in order to make the purchase sweeter.  You can often buy a better refurbished computer for the same price that you would purchase a new one.

If you are in the U.S. or another country then look for the big computer giants like

  1. Apple
  2. Dell
  3. HP
  4. Sony
  5. Toshiba


     These companies not only supply computers to home owners, but they also supply computers to other big corporations.  This is a plus for you because many times business computers have to be custom built to serve the purpose of the business. That same ability to customize computer is also now available to you.  It is the ultimate specialization of getting only what you need and want.  No extra programs that you never use that take up space on your computer.  These companies can provide you with an every day computer or a customize computer that will do the thing you need, which is great.  If you absolutely must have a specialized computer then get it custom built through one of these companies. Shopping at these companies websites also means that you'll be able to have access to computers that aren't in the stores or not available in any local stores.  Check and compare the prices, computer specifications, and warranties from these 8 places to make sure you are getting the best computer for the amount of money you want to spend.



What price range can I expect to pay for a computer that will run Poser?


     You can expect to pay anywhere between $500 - $800 USD (without the Warranty) for a new computer.  Add an addition $100 for an extended warranty with some extended warranties starting as low as $80.  Refurbished computers can run between $500 -$1200 but don't put all of the focus on just the price since it's the specifications of the computer that will determined it's real value.  You have to take the Processor chip, RAM, and Graphics card into account when comparing prices because those are the things that are really going to matter when it comes to the performance of the computer.  Also keep your eyes open for overstocked computer sales and for new computers coming out.  You'll often see incredible sales when new computers come out, because the older computers have to be sold quickly in order to make room for the newer computers.  This usually means that you'll be able to get a really powerful computer for much less than you normally would.



What type of operating system should I use?


Definitely get a 64 bit operating system since that will allow the software to make the best use of the processor that has 64 bit capabilities. A 64 bit operating system will make the rendering process much faster.