Day 3:  7/28/2012 12:23 AM

This is Day 3 of working on this character and I was able to find a few things that I may use as I’m creating this character.  Here’s what I have so far with my Aiko 3 character shopping list.

  1. Realistic Character Skin:   I decided I would first make create my character using the Aiyana for Aiko 3.  The goal here is to first design the character and then to try different character textures on the same model.   Sometimes it’s possible to create multiple and unique characters just by changing the character skins.  Unfortunately this didn’t work out as much as I hoped it would.  This time my character just looked like the same character as before with a different skin, which means that I’m stuck with the Aiyana character skin for this particular character.
  2. Hair:  The hair that I decided to use is the Chilly hair for V4. The Chilly Hair isn’t made for Aiko 3 so I had to do a few minor adjustments in order to make it fit that Aiko 3 character.  Most V4 hair works this way with Aiko 3.
  3. Clothing:  Clothing is going to be a little tricky and I’m still trying to think of just what I’ll be using.  The only thing I do know at this time is that I don’t want the character to have high heels and that I want the character to be dressed in some kind of pants and shirt. I already know that this is going to be one of those times when I use different pieces of clothing from different clothing sets.
  4. Shoes - the shoes will be something a person could run in.
  5. Photoshop Brushes – This is most likely going to be something that I have to buy.  A couple of slime, spider web, cracks, and dirt brushes would work well, but I don’t want to spend $50 just for one image so I’ll need to choose my scene wisely.
  6. Scene:  I know that the scene will be either outdoors or indoors.  This will help to make sure that I only use one brush theme for the scene.  I can use spider web brushes for an indoor scene and  dirt brushes for an outdoor scene.  The image Above is Aiko 3 with the Aiyana for Aiko 3 skin texture applied. 

     My starting point for creating my character is to adjust the realistic settings for the Aiko 3 body.  This will cause the body and the face to have a more realistic shape.  I can always go back and make changes to the body at a later time but for now I want start off as realistic as possible.  It's easier for me to stay focus that way because I'm always tempted to create anime style characters with Aiko 3.  The image to the right is Aiko 3 with the body realistic dial set at 1.  From this point on I'm going to do all I can to make this character look realistic and to remove any hints that it's an Aiko 3 character.  Aiko 3 has a very limited amount of facial morphs compared to Aiko 4 or Victoria 4 so I know that I'll be spending some time and effort with making sure that my character doesn't look like it was made with Aiko 3.

     The advantage that I have now that I didn't have 3 years ago is Poser Pro 2012.  I'll use the Gamma Correction and the Skin Subsurface Scattering to help me improve the realism of this image.  These 2 features should improve the image greatly especially since this character skin was created many years before Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 were even thought of.

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