Creating Lexi Brown using Aiko 3


Day 1: 7/22/2012  10:26 PM

     Character #1 will be a unique character made for the Daz3d Aiko 3 base model (shown left). This base model can be used to create realistic and anime characters.  It's usually my first choice for creating anime style characters. As of today I'm not quite sure if I'm going to create a realistic character or an anime style character. It's very rare that I'll have an idea of what the character will look like at the beginning of a character design process.  Usually my character ideas come from reading books or from rewriting stories that I already know.

     I start off by picking a theme for my story.  The theme for this character will be science fiction which means I'll have to dig around in my collection to see what type of 3D science fiction models that I have.  The goal at this time is to take inventory of the science fiction themed models that I have so that I'll know how to work the models into the character's story.  It doesn't help for me to create a story about spaceship if I don't have any 3D models of a spaceship.

     After searching through the majority of my 3D models I discovered that I really don’t have much to offer in terms of spaceships and ray guns so right away I know I can forget about making an elaborate scene for my character.  At this point it looks like I have to create a scene that cuts out the majority of the background, unless I decide to purchase some new 3D models.  I do have a few dinosaurs and monsters that I could use and I could probably find a few free lab props that may come in handy.  Knowing what 3D models I can use will definitely help me create a decent story for this character.

     The last thing I want to think about before I go to sleep (I create characters at night so can hopefully dream about something cool), is the character’s personality.  Is she going to be a brave hero type character, a sexy character, an ugly character or just a normal everyday type character like the people we see every day?  The personality that I’ll give to this character will help me decide which type of scene I should put the character in which also helps me to determine what type of objects this character will most likely be around.  I should have about 4 or 5 ideas for a new character before the end of the week.

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