Poser Ultimate Basics Workshop Supporters



Basicwiz is a 3d content creator who was the first to answer the call when Poser By Design was in search for donations to help make our workshops a little special for the students.  Basicwiz is the creator of and excellent 5 star user rated character skin texture named Doug for M4.  Poser By Design was very surprised when Basicwiz donated to the workshop because at the most we never thought we would get the type of quality that Basicwiz produces. Basicwiz will always have a special place here at Poser By Design.  Check out Basicwiz's creations.


You may have seen this Basicwiz Creation.  Thanks again Basicwiz.


3d content m4 male skin texture



Ravyns is also another talent 3d content creator who helped make the Poser Ultimate Basic workshop a success.  Ravyn was also very kind kind and excited to help us out here at Poser By Design.  We used Ravyns donated 3d content to cover the lesson on installing content and managing external runtimes.  Ravyns donation was very special for one student who was dreaming about getting one of the 3d models that Ravyn has created.  The student was surprised that she was lucky to be in the right place and at the right time to receive such a gift.  Great things happen when people help to make good ideas a success and Poser By Design thanks Ravyns for the kindness that made one of our students incredibly happy. Checkout Ravyns other creations.


You may have seen this Ravyns Creation.  Thanks again Ravyns

 poser row boad elf even 3d content